Friday, August 3, 2012

Bye-Bye to July-ly

Where did the month go?  The last few weekends have been pretty relaxing and included some trips to the "jumpy place" and the pool.  Our August looks much busier with several out-of-town trips and a visit from Grandpa Campbell planned!

JJ continues to hone his climbing skills at inflatable places.
He tried a new one, Wazoo, recently.

Wesley watches and learns.

Techie boy shows off the picture of him taken seconds earlier.

Chilling out at home, showing off his cute plaid shirt from Eric & Jess.

In the past couple weeks Wesley has started to get up on all fours and rock.  He is not crawling yet but he seems to be very close.  He can easily turn 360 degrees on the floor, rolls around easily and scoots himself across the floor using his arms.

Watching the turtles near Central Market.

Doing some yoga poses!  Wesley is becoming an expert at downward-facing dog.  Fortunately this has not yet resulted in a face-plant but it's probably only a matter of time.

Having sampled sweet potatoes, squash and carrots in the past couple weeks, Wesley dined on his first green vegetable tonight: green beans.  We still have yet to find something this boy won't eat!

The case of the disappearing chin...

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