Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We started off Easter weekend with the Circle C egg hunt on Saturday morning.  JJ was a little too enthusiastic - we put him down on the grass to get started, he took two steps, then face-planted into the ground and wailed in pain.  But he recovered and eventually got the hang of picking up eggs and putting them into his "Easter BAG."  (Stupid Mommy forgot to bring a basket. Doy.)

Easter morning JJ opened his basket (put together collaboratively by Grandma, Grandpa and the Easter bunny).  He got lots of fun stuff like books, clothes, Elmo socks, a fish bath toy, and a Cookie Monster bib, all tucked into a green pail with a shovel for digging in the sand!


We met up with Aunt Jess and Uncle Eric for brunch at The Lion and Rose Pub. I got my Easter ham in the form of a ham and cheese omelet. Andy embraced the British pub-iness and had the fish n chips. JJ was happy to finish his meal off with some vanilla ice cream! (I'm not sure why I'm telling you what we ate.)

It already feels like summer in Austin.  JJ kept cool this afternoon in the kiddie pool.  He loved it in there!

Happy Easter!

Remembering Grandma NeeNee

We haven't felt much like posting lately. Our most avid blog reader and frequent commenter, JJ's Grandma NeeNee, got sick in January and we lost her on April 4.  It's heartbreaking to think that JJ will grow up without knowing her.  She was a wonderful grandma to him in the time she had.  She had a knack for choosing really special gifts for him, like his beautiful rocking horse, his endlessly entertaining Winnie-the-Pooh airplane, and his personalized growth chart and piggy bank.  She loved JJ to pieces and got such satisfaction out of making him laugh.  We miss her terribly.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of JJ and his grandma.