Tuesday, September 23, 2014

We've got a crawler!

We now have 3 little boys on the move in the Campbell house! Travis started "inchworm-crawling" in early September and was able to sit unsupported about the same time. Here's a video taken by Nana that illustrates these skills (with cameo appearances of brothers!).

On September 19 he demonstrated what we considered his first true crawl. Nana took this video today that shows off his skills. He basically plays fetch with himself by losing control of toys and then chasing after them. Will his adorable chunky baby thighs soon be a thing of the past due to all this exercise?!

Monday, April 28, 2014

New house!

Shortly after we found out baby #3 was on the way, we got the ball rolling on having a new house built, just half a mile away from our old house. It was about a 9-month process, so in about the same interval that Travis was constructed, our new house was constructed :) Both processes had their ups and downs but we are very happy with the final products! We moved in this past weekend.

With the construction site being so close, we went by there pretty much daily to see the progress, and we knew Nana & Pop-Pop were checking it out frequently as well. But we had no idea Nana was also carefully documenting the construction! She put together a really neat video that will be awesome to show the kids when they're older.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Introducing the 3rd Campbell Brother!

Travis Cameron arrived on Sunday March 2 at 6:16pm. His birth weight was right in the middle of his brothers, at 9 lbs 2.6 oz, and his length was 21.5 inches.  He is adorable and perfect and has a dimple in each cheek. So far we think he looks more like Wesley than JJ but it's probably too soon to tell.

Here is a really nice video that Nana put together. All the footage is from March 3rd, when Travis was 1 day old.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Indoor Soccer - Winter 2014

Here is a video of JJ at his 3rd Saturday of indoor soccer.  They don't play actual games but have a lot of fun running around doing drills, like chasing the "fox tail" and "Red Light, Green Light."
(Thanks to Nana for taking the video)