Sunday, November 3, 2013

T-ball, Fall 2013

JJ played his first season of T-ball this fall. The coaches were great and the emphasis was definitely on building confidence and teamwork (not on competition). JJ had fun at first, and he seemed to enjoy some components of the game week after week, but he was definitely not into playing the outfield.  When a ball would come rolling in, most of his teammates would race toward it while JJ stayed put and played with his glove.  But he learned how to hit the ball and run the bases and he especially enjoyed the snack and drink at the end of each game!  This winter we're going to mix it up and try indoor soccer instead.

Team huddle (They named their own team; half the team wanted to be called the Yankees and the other half voted for the Tigers, so their official name was The Yankee-Tigers.)

Playing in the outfield, with encouragement from Daddo

Running to 3rd

Mulling over his game strategy

Base hit!

Making it to 1st