Saturday, July 14, 2012

Miscellaneous July photos

Here are a few recent pictures of the boys.

JJ getting creative with his rocking horse

Wesley's first go at the rocking horse!

He's not quite sure about it yet ...

Warming up to it now

JJ preparing dinner for Daddo with his new grilling set

Just a casual bbq dinner; pants are optional.

Wesley started some solid food a couple weeks ago (first solid was rice cereal on 6/24/12, then applesauce on 7/6/12, followed by oatmeal on 7/10/12).  Tonight: his first taste of sweet potatoes.  He shocked me by eating the whole container in one sitting.  This boy was definitely ready for solids so we'll keep them coming!

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  1. Way to eat those taters Wesley! Grandpa's proud of you.