Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video Update

We have been slacking in the video department lately. Here are some odds and ends from JJ's eighth and ninth months. I will apologize for any videos that are sideways. From here on out, this will be fixed.

1) JJ started climbing the stairs in early November. Here we see one of his first attempts.

2. Steph ran her second marathon in San Antonio on November 14th. Here she is just a few feet from the finish line. (JJ has a cameo.)

3. JJ has this new thing called his "Ugly Face". Usually done while eating, he tilts his head back, squints his eyes tight, pokes his teeth out above his bottom lip and makes a sound that falls somewhere between a hiss and a pant. This video is from a month back and his technique has only gotten better.

4. This one's just a solid minute of JJ standing at his piano table and babbling. Nothing more, nothing less.

That's all for today. More videos later in the week!

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