Thursday, December 23, 2010

Video Update Part Deux

An early Christmas present from JJ! More videos!

First, JJ shows off his valuable new skill: clapping on command

Over Thanksgiving weekend, JJ started doing this trick with his tongue. It's most visible at the 0:29 mark, right before he slugs the camera. You can see his tongue going sideways!

Steph has to travel quite a bit during the week, so JJ and I like to create a lot of videos at the dinner table (as you can probably tell by now). Here's a little game we like to play at mealtime.

Farewell, 2010!
We fly to Florida in two days to join up with the Moore clan for a Christmas Cruise. It was a big year for JJ as he transformed from a fetus into a very successful baby. Here is JJ officially closing the door on 2010.


  1. Somebody get that kid The Clapper!

  2. Love the videos. Have a wonderful Xmax! We will miss you.