Monday, October 25, 2010

A pumpkin for our pumpkin

This weekend we visited a pumpkin patch for some photo opportunities and to procure JJ's first pumpkin. I wanted to go to a real farm with a petting zoo, hay rides, corn maze, etc, but it's a 50-minute drive and JJ's probably too young for that stuff anyway. Instead we stopped at a garden center that carried pumpkins.  Stellar choice.  We got some cute pictures, but the batty owner talked our ears off.  She also insisted we put JJ on the counter for a picture with her.  This picture was taken shortly before she started telling us that her grandson was born with his intestines outside his body.  Thanks for the gory Halloween tale!


Andy did the dirty work of scooping out pumpkin guts.  We stuck JJ's hand in the stringy mess - we thought he would enjoy the slimy feeling - but he was rather unimpressed.  I toasted up the pumpkin seeds - mmm.
The carving was a joint effort (JJ slept through that part)

And here is a sneak peek of JJ's Halloween costume: a ferocious tiger. Rarrr!

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  1. Which picture is the scariest? I vote for the first one. The scarecrow looks so lifelike.