Sunday, October 24, 2010

JJ hosts his buddy Kierlin

Last weekend we were lucky to have Kierlin and his parents Monique & Cappy pay us a visit!  They came all the way from Atlanta -- now that is serious effort for a playdate.  Sadly JJ was a little under the weather and really wasn't himself.  He had a slight fever, a stuffy nose, and slept horribly.  All this added up to a lethargic JJ but fortunately Kierlin had enough energy for both of them.  Kierlin has 5 months on JJ so was able to show the little guy what he has to look forward to in terms of motor skills, speech, and food selection (Cheerios!).  Here are a few pictures of the two cuties together.

Dinner at Santa Rita
 Easing into the whole "getting dressed" thing on Saturday morning

 Playing in the front yard

Sharing toys

 Experimentation with the self-timers on our cameras. 
Monique did a much better job of centering us (second photo).

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