Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 7-month birthday, JJ!

Wow, it's already been seven months! JJ continues to experience a lot of new 'firsts', many of which involve foods. Our first video today lets us peek in on one such event with a magnum opus we like to call "JJ Eats Yogurt for the First Time". Spoiler alert: The food he tries is yogurt!

Next up, we have a short clip of JJ beat-boxing. (A little warning on the YouTube videos: You may wish to click on the video itself to get redirected to and then hit the maximize button.)

In his free-time, JJ has been mastering the Jumperoo. Is it a musical instrument? You be the judge.

Finally, JJ loses his marbles. If you had heard the goofy voices Steph was making, you would have been laughing, too!

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