Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby's first Labor Day weekend

First, here are a couple photos from last weekend's visit to the Austin Children's Museum. Our assessment of the excursion was that JJ is too young for most of the "exhibits," but he did find a few things that captured his interest in the baby & toddler room.

Here's JJ last week modeling his blue & gold ensemble, pictured with Ana's daughter Cady.

Our big activity this Saturday was hosting a playgroup for my online mommies & babies group. Seven moms and their babies (all between 3-8 months old) gathered in JJ's play area. It was fun for the moms to compare notes on all things baby, and the little ones did great playing on the floor together. They're all too young to fight over toys yet! Of the 8 babies, just 2 were girls; here's JJ with the little ladies:

All summer JJ has been sleeping in a onesie or his Spiderman t-shirt and shorts, all wrapped up in a swaddle. Recently he has been rolling over onto his belly during the night and trying to sleep face down, so we decided to do away with the swaddle. That means he needs some warmer pj's and we're glad we can finally get some use out of all his cute footie jammies!


  1. Wow -- 8 babies?!?!? How did you handle all of that cuteness? Mom's group sounds like fun. How did you find out about it? Fiona said to tell JJ "hi" for her :)

  2. Hey Jen - I joined the mom's group on There are a bunch of different mommy groups in the Austin area; this one is specifically for moms of babies born in 2009 or 2010. Maybe you can find one in your area, too!