Friday, May 7, 2010

Three Months Old!

JJ is 3 months old today!  An at-home weigh-in revealed that he now weighs 14 pounds -- about the same as our big cat, Kater.  He has become quite adept at clasping his hands together and shoving them into his mouth.  He is showing some early signs of teething -- lots of drooling and wanting to chew on everything.  I love to rub his gums with my fingers; it really seems to be soothing for him.  JJ is also starting to laugh a little bit, but only rarely so far.  We wish we knew how to trigger the laughing because it's the cutest sound we've ever heard!

To honor the 3-month milestone, JJ slept through the night for the first time last night!  We put him to bed around 11 pm and he slept until 6 am.  Clearly, even though JJ is too young to shop or even color a greeting card, he wanted to give Mommy a birthday gift.  Thank you JJ!
We celebrated Mommy's 31st birthday and JJ's 3-month "birthday" with dinner out at Sazon.  We dined on the patio, which might have been a mistake given the 95-degree weather.

 But the food was delicious and the margaritas were strong!  I couldn't even finish the second one (a frozen mango margarita).  I enjoyed my pumpkin seed sauce-drenched chicken enchiladas and Andy devoured his steak tacos.

The only sour note came at dessert time: I tried to order Tres Leches cake (yum! and Sazon supposedly has one of the best in Austin) only to learn that they were out :(  Oh well, I definitely didn't need the calories.

We ended the evening with a stroll around our neighborhood. By then, the temp had dropped to about 85 degrees -- quite pleasant :)  Hopefully all the fresh air will result in another great night's sleep for everyone!


  1. Love the last photo of mom and JJ. He has such a previous face!! LOVE Gram C

  2. I know! Our little JJ is so previous!

    Off-topic, but have you seen the film Previous: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire? It's supposed to be great.