Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend in the Big D

Last weekend Andy, JJ and I took a little road trip to Dallas. The big draw was the Detroit Tigers vs Texas Rangers baseball game on Saturday night. JJ did really well in the car (the drive is a little over 3 hours).

(Andy and I were also good in the car so we rewarded ourselves with DQ Blizzards on the way to Dallas.  It was buy one, get one for $0.25!  Who has the willpower to pass that up?)

We enjoyed a pre-game dinner at a bbq restaurant Andy had scouted out called Smoke. Yum-my!

Yes, all this food was for 2 people.  No, we didn't eat it all (but came pretty close).  And how cute is the piggy plate?!
JJ's interest in the baseball game was mixed.  We made it until the 8th inning before he started showing signs of a complete meltdown.  Luckily, the Tigers had it in the bag by then so we made an early getaway and beat the traffic. 

It was fortunate we left when we did because J had a conniption fit on the way back to the hotel. He eventually settled down and luxuriated in the Sheraton's fine linens.

On Sunday, we took our first family trip to the zoo! The Dallas Zoo was just so-so I'd have to say, and JJ slept through a lot of it, but it was still a nice little adventure for us.  We saw some penguins...

...and some turtles...
...and a bunch of other animals, including meerkats.  (Most of the meerkats weren't this tall.)
We finished off the weekend with dinner at Olive Garden since it was April 25th : 10 years exactly since our first date at Olive Garden on 4/25/00 in Jackson, Michigan :)
On that first date, neither of us ever imagined that 10 years later we'd be married, living in Texas, and toting a 2.5-month-old along to our date-iversary!!


  1. What a nice record of your trip. I recognize the bib in the first pic. The profile pic of the boys is cute but neither look very enthused. I bet JJ will love baseball like his dad some day. And he has a nice start to a baseball card collection that we delivered. Thanks for taking time to post. I look forward to the new ones. LOVE YOU ALL. Gramma NeeNee

  2. Wow. A lot going on there in the big 'D'. But I thought you meant Detroit.
    Anyway. I like the pictures and a Texas BBQ sounds great.

  3. Lovey love love these pics! And the commentary too! I just want to snuggle up to that little guy! xxx!