Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween preparations included some pumpkin-carving, of course.  JJ was slightly more hands-on this year than last year but still left most of the scooping and carving to Daddo.

 When we asked JJ what he wanted to be for Halloween, he answered "a taco."  After getting this response multiple times, Nana set to work making a taco costume, which turned out great!  She even made an adult-sized one for Daddo (and surprisingly, he wore it!).

Wesley wore JJ's gnome costume from two years ago.  I can't get enough of kids in beards and expect to use this costume one more time still!

JJ was very into trick-or-treating this year.  The four of us all went out together to several houses, and then Wesley and I went home to hand out candy while Daddo and JJ hit a bunch more houses and filled up JJ's pumpkin bucket.  Happy Halloween!

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