Monday, May 13, 2013

Wesley's 15-month checkup

Wesley visited the pediatrician for his 15-month well check today. We learned the doctor is retiring soon, so this might be the last time we get to see her. Too bad - she's a great doctor!

As soon as we walked into the building Wesley started to get fussy. My theory is that taking him to get his hair cut last week (think flailing, screaming toddler pinned down in my lap while nervous stylist came at him with scissors) scarred him and left him extra wary of unfamiliar situations. He screamed his head off while said head was getting measured, cried and fought the weigh-in, and continued to sob while the doctor examined him. Our poor little sensitive boy. He did recover quite quickly after his 3 vaccines, though.

The important thing is that he is healthy and developing on track. Here are his growth stats:

Length - 33 inches (98th percentile) - this measurement is totally wrong, due to the wiggling
Weight - 23 lbs 12 ounces (50-75th percentile)
Head Circumference - 48.9 cm (95th percentile)

I'll include a few notes on what Wesley is into these days:

  • Cars. He loves to watch people drive away in their cars and to point at cars and trucks in books, saying "ca".
  • Saying goodbye. He is quite enthusiastic about parting ways. He says "ba" and flaps his hand in a wave.
  • Water play. The little troublemaker will climb the stool in the bathroom and turn on the faucet to play with the water. And I've figured out the best way to occupy him while I put on my makeup in the morning is to turn on the bath faucet so he can stick his fingers in it. He also loves the water table outside, and if the hose is on, you can be sure he's heading straight for it.
  • Books. He doesn't often let us read a whole story to him, but he loves to thumb through books and point things out - mainly cars, cats, dogs and elephants. He does a great elephant noise. If I am sitting on the floor, he will often grab a book and plop right down in my lap. I love that.
  • Light switches. He could flip light switches all day (see photo below).
  • Climbing. This kid has no fear. He's been climbing the ladder of the playscape for quite awhile (always with a spotter right behind him). He is just figuring out he can climb onto the couch and is an accident waiting to happen once he's up there.
  • Biting. This one is unfortunate. He is in a biting phase, and the target is usually his brother.
He's slowly adding words to his vocabulary. He can say mom ("ma") (and he uses this word to refer to Mom, Dad and Miss Ana; so much for me getting excited about him saying ma before dada), car ("ca"), bye ("ba"), kitty ("keh"), down ("da"), shoes, cow ("moo"), JJ (we've only heard this one a few times), banana ("nana"), and water  ("wa").

Finally, here are some recent Wesley pics:
Family hike in Circle C

Obligatory spring bluebonnet photo shoot

Shirtless goofball

At Children's Museum Houston in early May

Uh-oh! The museum police got him!

Peekaboo with Nana in the toddler section of the museum

Unrestricted access to a light switch = best thing ever for Wesley

Wesley twins

Joking around with Pop-Pop at Hermann Park in Houston

Butterfly Center at Museum of Natural Science in Houston

Just hanging around at Circle C Park

Naked brother bath hugs

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