Saturday, February 9, 2013

JJ's 3rd Birthday!

Sooooey, JJ is THREE!

We started off JJ's actual birthday with some presents in the morning and, of course, a cup of chocolate milk.  Check him out here, drinking his milk all casual-like.  He already looks older!

Delighted by the Thomas card

Opening his gift from Great-Grandma and -Grandpa Anderson. A Toy Story plate and bowl, cool!
(JJ calls the guy "Buzz Lightbeer.")

Opening his gift from Grandpa Doug. Huge remote control truck!

He then spent much of the day with Ana, but Mommy and Daddo took JJ to lunch at Hat Creek Burgers where he once again enjoyed some chocolate milk along with his chicken nuggets. But his favorite part of lunch was the playground.  It was a nice warm day for February.

Nana and Pop-Pop came over for dinner, and Nana made a birthday apple pie.  Yum!  Dinner was followed up by more presents!

Cat keyboard from Nana and Pop-Pop.  Just like Fiona and Annabel's!

Opening the personalized Mickey CD from Mom & Dad.  He would really become obsessed with this one.

Fast-forward to Saturday, JJ's party.  He requested a pig theme, so his party was called "If You Give JJ a Pig Party" in the vein of the "If You Give A..." books.  Several of his little friends came over for a couple hours of fun & games & lunch & cupcakes.  JJ was very excited about pig cupcakes.

I found a tutorial for a watermelon pig and Andy implemented it with impressive artistry.

Nana contributed some really cute pig rolls.  
The main course was a big platter of nuggets from Chick-fil-A, one of JJ's favorite places to eat out.  Thanks to Pop-Pop for delivering the tasty tidbits.

The three musketeers: Cady, Wesley and JJ.

"Pin the Tail on the Pig" in the background (created by Nana)

Party favors (with pig bouncy ball, pig cup, pig snout, pig beanie and candy), and JJ's Pigu

"Toss A Pig A Pancake" game, created by Nana

Andy shows off his surprising skills once again, this time in pig balloon art.  He drew pig faces on almost a dozen balloons, a different variation for each one.  This one was my favorite.

Mantle decor.  The recycled football banner totally works, if you think of it as a pigskin :)

Party candids. (I was sort of overwhelmed during the party and didn't get many photos.)

Notice the custom "JJ is 3" pig shirt painted by, you guessed it, Nana!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little Pook!

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