Sunday, December 25, 2011


JJ got hooked up with lots of great new toys and clothes this Christmas!  Right after he woke up, he opened his two big gifts from Santa.  The train table will reside in his big boy bedroom.

Around 9:30am, Nana, Pop-Pop, Uncle E, Aunt Jess and baby Jonah came over and we opened our stockings and then ate breakfast.

 JJ was decent at opening presents but benefited from a little help from Nana.

Modeling his new "project smock!"

Then, on to tackling the mountain of gifts under the tree!

 JJ really needed a nap, so he slept during a lot of the gift opening.  When he woke up, it was "JJ time" and we watched him open all his gifts.  Here he is standing in front of his stack.  The big one ended up being a basketball hoop from Nana and Pop-Pop!

Checking out the quilt Nana made for his big boy bedroom.

Diving into his new book from Uncle Jeff and Chelsea.

Later we had Christmas dinner at Nana & Pop-Pop's house and then relaxed.

Before bed, JJ tried out Mommy's new chair massage pad.  He loved it!
Not pictured are two of JJ's favorite gifts.  One is a Lego/Duplo table from Grandpa Doug, which is perfect for this Lego-lover.  The other is a pet frog from Daddo.  JJ named the frog Bebop and looks forward to watching Daddo feed it live crickets every night before bed.

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