Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kiddie Acres is the place to be

In the northern reaches of Austin is an old, slightly creepy, miniature amusement park: Kiddie Acres.  It includes 7 attractions and JJ gave them all a try.  Some of the rides he tackled all by himself while we nervously watched.  He did great!  Turns out he loves going around in circles in various types of vehicles.

We started off with a carousel ride.

Next up was the ferris wheel.  He enjoyed this for a minute or two ("up high!"), then started getting freaked out ("all done, all done").

 Then we took a ride on the train.  JJ is pretty much a veteran train passenger at this point.

 Then came the part where he went around in circles on a boat, a car, and an airplane.  The airplane looked to be the most thrilling ride.  JJ did great flying solo.

And finally, a pony ride!  JJ's first time on a horse.  He kept saying it was a cow, though.

Mexican food for dinner after our afternoon of play.  JJ loved eating chips and guacamole.  Where did this guac gene come from?!

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