Friday, July 22, 2011

JJ in July

Here are some recent pictures of JJ.  First, having brunch at Blue Star Cafeteria with Uncle Eric and Aunt Jess (who took the pictures).  We asked JJ where his nose was, and he showed us by picking said nose.
Here he is looking slightly more mature (except for the food smeared all over his face).

Last week, Miss Ana took JJ to LocoMotion, the inflatable play place. We have taken him there several times as well but hadn't discovered the costume room!  Leave it to Ana to get him in a costume and capture some cute photos.

And since I've been pretty bad about keeping up with JJ's baby book, I thought I'd list some of his current favorite things.

What JJ loves right now:

  • The pool, sprinkler, pouring buckets of water on himself or anything having to do with AGUA!  (He says "agua" but not "water.")  Often he will pull my bathing suit out of the drawer and hold it up saying "Pool! Pool!"
  • Red grapes.  He gobbles them up these days.  For some reason he calls them "boota."
  • Smoothies.  He demands one almost every morning by doing the smoothie dance and saying "moo mooie, moo mooie."
  • Running on top of our bed.  A potentially dangerous pastime, we recognize.  He says "book-a, book-a, book-a" while he does this.
  • Dancing, especially to the theme song of "Jack's Big Music Show," and doing the so-called "dop-a-dee dance."  We don't know where that one came from.  He also likes the Britney Spears song "Til the World Ends" and sings along to the "oh oh oh" parts.
  • Cars.  He loves to watch cars drive down our street.  He calls them "ca-car"s.
  • Tickling people.  His technique isn't great yet, but it's cute to watch because he says "tickle tickle tickle tickle" in a high-pitched voice.
  • Books.  He's pretty into books right now.  Two of his favorites are the "uh-oh" book (a book about cats that involves a broken vase: uh-oh) and the "no-nina" book (which contains a picture of a moon, aka nonina).
  • Brushing his teeth.  Mostly he just sucks the toothpaste out of the brush.
  • Giving kisses.  Well, maybe HE doesn't love this, but we do.  He will usually kiss us on command, on the lips no less.  He also kisses pictures in his books, stuffed animals, photographs of people, and images on our iPhones.
As you can see, this kid has a lot of interests :)  I'm sure I'm forgetting some big ones, so maybe Daddo can add to this post later.  Time for bed.  As JJ says, "Nigh-nigh!"

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