Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, JJ!

JJ turned 1 today. We did most of our celebrating yesterday at a combo Birthday/Super Bowl party with JJ's aunt, uncle, and grandparents. Just in the last couple days, JJ has gotten really good at saying mama and dada on command and there's a 50/50 chance he actually understands what he's talking about. JJ opened lots of wonderful presents and experienced the joy of cake and ice cream for the first time. We are heading up to Michigan this weekend for a joint birthday celebration with JJ's cousin, Fiona.

Now let's catch up with a few videos!

JJ was about 11 months old when this one was shot. He loves a good poke in the belly.

We baby-proofed all the cabinets in the kitchen... except for one. JJ hosts a tupperware party at least once a day and everyone is invited.

One of JJ's favorite birthday gifts so far was a tunnel, courtesy of Uncle Jeff.

That's all for now. More coming soon!

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  1. He is such a big boy I can't believe it! Adorable. He seems to have a passion for shutting doors, which I fully appreciate. Love that little guy. Hugs and Kisses JJ!