Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"It's about time my parents got me one of these"

Yes, we finally bought a high chair a couple weeks ago.  Before that, we had been hunching over to feed JJ his solids in his swing.  The new set-up is much more ergonomic for Mom & Dad, and JJ likes his high vantage point.  Here's JJ trying out his new throne:
A few days later, we introduced him to a vegetable: sweet potatoes!  He loved 'em right from the start.  Since these pictures, we have improved our food delivery technique so he usually doesn't end up with such a messy face anymore.
JJ has also tried carrots and squash but those sweet potatoes seem to be the favorite.  On the fruit side, his palate has experienced bananas and applesauce.  Coming soon: pears!

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