Sunday, March 7, 2010

One month old!

JJ celebrates his one-month birthday today, four weeks old! He's gotten into a good routine of going to bed around midnight and getting up just twice a night for feeding and diapers. I did a little at-home weigh-in today and he looks to have hit 10 lbs exactly! Over the past week, he seems to be making better eye contact with both of us and is getting very good at lifting his head up when he's lying on his belly.

Here are a couple videos from the last two weeks. The first one just shows him sitting around hiccuping, which seems to make him pretty happy. The second is a snippet from his first bath. He didn't like the first bath very much but seems to enjoy a good swim every 3 days.

JJ likes to hiccup from Andrew Campbell on Vimeo.

JJ's first bath from Andrew Campbell on Vimeo.


  1. Happy one month, little guy!

  2. Cutest hiccups and whimpers EVER! Loved the bath- he sounded so worried!